Punjab to Provide Sehat Cards to All Govt Employees

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Punjab government to design a comprehensive plan after the provincial government decided to issue Sehat Cards to government employees.

According to Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the minister for health in the Punjab government, the PM had approved the idea of providing health cards to all government employees.

The health cards provide medical coverage to families living below the poverty line thus allowing the monetary safeguard against previously unaffordable medical expenditure.

Sehat cards will help provide the recipient with access to excellent healthcare amenities with a monetary limit of Rs. 720,000; most importantly the cards will allow the underprivileged to receive the treatment they need in a dignified manner from any public or private hospital across the country.

The cards cover a number of wide-ranging medical and surgical procedures including heart surgeries, stunts, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, maternity amongst other medical and surgical procedures.

The PM, in his vision for a “Naya” Pakistan, has often talked about the health sector being the top most priority and has directed the Punjab government to expedite the rollout of these Sehat cards; the cards will greatly benefit the people living below the poverty line and as well as the government employees.

Almost 14 million families will fall under the umbrella of the program upon the completion of the project thus allowing these families to avail adequate healthcare across all districts in the country.