US Blackmails Germany to Ban Huawei or Face Restrictions

The tussle between the Trump government and Huawei has been a hot topic recently. After Huawei sued the US government for fake allegations regarding espionage on the Chinese tech giant, as a next step, the US government has decided to wreck Huawei’s consumer market in Germany.

Based on reports from the Wall Street Journal, if Germany allows the Chinese tech company to build the next generation 5G infrastructure in the country, the intelligence reports that the US shared with Germany will be pared back.

The US ambassador in Germany has sent a letter to the German government saying that the network security cannot be monitored and managed via software and audit, hence, if Germany wishes to receive US government intelligence, stopping Huawei is a must.

Even though Huawei Technologies Co. has, time and time again, stated that it won’t allow a backdoor for the Chinese govt, the US government is adamant on the fact that Huawei is carrying out espionage for its government.

The long battle among the Chinese technology company and one of the superpowers of the world escalated quickly in the past. Nobody can predict who will have to back down in the future.

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