PM Imran is Earning Less Than Ministers and Even Punjab MPAs

Since he took charge of the country’s affairs, Prime Minister Imran Khan has been advocating austerity in the government affairs feverishly. However, advocating is not the only thing he has done in this regard.

He has launched a nationwide austerity drive, cutting down on expenses of the government departments and all. Recently, another amusing piece of information has surfaced.


Imran Khan “Extremely Disappointed” With Punjab Lawmakers Increasing Their Salaries

The Prime Minister is earning even less than the federal ministers in his cabinet. Media outlets got hands on the premier’s salary slip according to which his income is less than those of the chief ministers of four provinces and federal ministers.

The premier receives Rs. 107,280 in lieu of basic salary. He is entitled to a Sumptuary Allowance worth of Rs. 50,000, Adhoc Relief Allowance Rs. 21,456, Adhoc Allowance 12,110, and Adhoc Relief All 10,728.

After including all the allowances, the PM’s gross salary becomes Rs. 201,574 which, after tax and other deductions, comes down to just Rs. 196,979.

  • Oh behen Chanda Mangnay aaei ho kia………..Chal nikal… tery nashai ke liye paisay nahin hai…….Ja kar Usman buzdaar say lay.

  • How shameless and preposterous Niazi is !
    My colleague paid 180k income tax from salary in 2017-18. He lives in a 5 marla rented house, has 18 years old Mehran car & no other assets.
    While this illegitimate, stooge PM Niazi paid just 150k tax the same year. Not to mention, he lives in Banni Gala farm house of acres and acres, moved in 4 crore rupees worth bulletproof land cruisers with guards even before elections. His dogs eat thousands of rupees worth dog food every month.
    There is no difference between Nawaz Gang and PTI imposters, both are indeed Saadiq and Ameen.

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