MiStore.pk Gets New Mi Eco Products & More

Mi Pakistan has yet again come up with a catalog of mind-boggling products. A new range of Eco-Products is all set to change your lifestyle in a whole new futuristic way.

New Arrivals at Mistore.pk

Yeelight Atmosphere Lamp comes in gold color which gives it a highlighted and elegant look. It comes with a 2100mah battery which gives it a long life.

Mi Wifi Repeater Pro 300M: This device makes your home’s wireless coverage larger, and completely covers network dead zones with stronger signal. The repeater pro is compatible with other brands’ routers. It has a transmission rate of up to 2.4Ghz and speeds of 300Mbps with support for up to 64 devices.

Mi W201 Thermometer: This is gadget is also waterproof so you can rinse it with water after measurements or use alcohol to disinfect it. It beeps after it takes a measurement.

Mi Thermometer has a precision accuracy of up to ± 0.2 ℃, with a minimum scale reading of up to 0.1 ℃.

Mi Water Filter Pitcher: This 3.5L large water pitcher comes with one water filter, which needs to be changed after about 6 weeks for best results.

Thanks to the filter, you can start drinking healthier, great tasting water with Xiaomi Water Pitcher. With it comes a Mi water filter pitcher cartridge which contains 7 multiple filters which reduce chlorine, lime scale or impurities for odourless and antibacterial drinking.

Mi Toy Train Set: Great for family bonding and child development. This train set is suitable for kids who are 3 years or above.

The 63 piece set consists of electric trains, free combined cars, stations, suspension bridges, cranes, mines, trees, etc. A child can build any scene according to his imagination.

Other products include Mi In-Ear Headphones pro 2, Mi Led Smart Bulb, Mi Band 3 Charger and much more. All Eco-Products come with a 3-month long warranty by Smartlink Technology.

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