Transworld Partners With Daraz on Pakistan Day Sale

Transworld is offering Tru™All-In-One Connection exclusively for Daraz customers who shop during Pakistan Day Sale. So, Hurry-up and turn on your stopwatches to avail the biggest discount yet on the Daraz App.

Offer Details

Service Bandwidth Installation Charges Monthly Rent
Internet 20Mb Zero Rs. 3,000/-
30Mb Zero Rs. 4,000/-
TV Up to 3 TVs Zero Rs. 999/-

Terms and Conditions

You can now experience Tru™Internet and Tru™TV with Transworld Home which allows you to get onboard the world of technology and entertainment. Offering one of the best all-in-one connections across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Transworld Home lets you access lightning fast internet with zero compression and unlimited free uploads and downloads without any limits. Not only this, but Transworld Home also gives you the chance to watch out for your favorite TV shows, movies and dramas in excellent quality with its 200+ SD/HD Channels along with other amazing features.

Transworld Home

Transworld is Pakistan’s only private sector organization with exclusive ownership of submarine fiber optic cable networks which makes it a leading connectivity provider in Pakistan. We are a TIER-1 network operator delivering internet bandwidth to Pakistan’s top cellular mobile operators, ISPs, corporate organizations and hundreds of small and medium enterprises. Due to our extensive footprint of fiber optic networks, we connect the people of Pakistan to the digital world

Transworld Home International Reach

Transworld is a consortium member of the latest 20,000KM fiber optic cable system called SEA-ME-WE 5 which connects Pakistan to Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe. Our fully owned TW1 fiber-optic submarine system also serves as an information superhighway connecting Pakistan to the world. Our points of presence in international markets like Germany, France and Singapore ensure the lowest latency for our customers. Transworld is perfectly synchronized with the global internet peering eco-system via direct connectivity to content providers such as Google, Facebook, Akamai, Netflix, Amazon and several others which makes the customer experience a faster internet.

    • you will be able to avail Transworld Home discount when you buy from Daraz app from 18 – 23 March. Daraz will send you a voucher code which you have to share with Transworld’s helpline or email

  • Due to limit coverage areas in Islamabad,Lahore – missed the best broadband distributor services in all over Pakistan as affordable rates.

    • yeah all the ftth providers put together make up like half a percent of all broadband users in the country. bureaucracy ensures that right of way is very hard to get. besides there’s a shortage of capital to deploy these networks. nayatel has been around for years and is still stuck in one or two cities.

      mobile networks are where its at. god bless zong!

  • multinet is part of an undersea cable consortium as well now. not sure whether its operational yet though.

  • Transworld’s customers are screaming all over social media for bad services. I’ve experienced Transworld and It is one of the worst internet providers of Pakistan. I sent them disconnection right in the second week. Everyone is detaching itself from Transworld even big corporate sector clients like Telenor have moved all of their bandwidth to PTCL and so did Nayatel. PTCL customer services used to be pathetic however Transworld changed that; Transworld is the new low in providing pathetic services.

    I complained dozens of times without any response from them. Finally I got hold of their senior management contact details and after calling and emailing them several times an insider of the company told me that their President comes to office at 3pm and leaves for home at 4pm. This is the level of seriousness they put into their business!!!

    • Lol, who said Telenor switched to PTCL?

      Their primary bandwidth provider is Transworld.

      Besides, it’s stupid to compare the service they offer normal consumers compared to what they’re offering to corporate clients.

      Nayatel uses both PTCL and TW for bandwidth as well.

      Stop making stuff up.

      • Oh so Transworld finally has someone offering prompt response when they are attacked of their repute. I wish this is the case when they offer services to the customers.

        Go and update your knowledge about your own company and ask your masters for the latest updates. They have kept you blank for a reason and the reason is they consider employees like you stupid!

    • Thanks for the heads up. The recently deployed their fiber in my area and I was about to buy their 30mb package. Guess I’ll stick to PTCL for now.

  • Don’t get Transworld connection. They have blocked several basic modem features and customized the software to spy on you. And charging extra to unblock basic features like port forwarding etc.

  • While I don’t intend on replying to the critics and I’m not an employee of Transworld but just someone who has seen the company up close right from its beginning. I can tell you this much that this is a capital intensive business requiring patience. TWA has brought in some real changes to the market with its corporate model right from its inception and I think it would be unfair to say that people are detaching from them since TWA broke PTCL’s monopoly and forced them to adopt some customer-oriented tactics which led to a better industry competition.

    I believe companies like TWA should be encouraged to do business since more the options the more quality you will get. Even when speaking about GPON or consumer internet; TWA came into GPON by 2013 and I bet back then you didn’t even pass by names like StormFiber, OPTIX etc which became popular in the beginning of 2018. So in a way TWA pioneered into this vertical as well forcing and rattling the cages of the above mentioned names to take their beaks out of the ground.

    I don’t know about Nayatel’s case as Mr. or Mrs “LahoriCheeta” has put it but I can tell you this much that if Nayatel has taken any such step it must be purely because of the fact that Transworld has given them run for their money after taking Nayatel’s market share from the Islamabad market. People now prefer Transworld Home over Nayatel where they have coverage.

    Let’s give credit where it’s due.

  • Daraz has made online shopping much easy in Pakistan. However now they are a part of Alibaba, But I think they should have carried their own Daraz not being a part of Alibaba. There are much more online shopping site in Pakistan like Dealstoday, Goshopping and These shopping sites has made life much easy in Pakistan. Stay at home and get everything.

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