Any Screenshots or Statements on Asad Umar’s View on US Dollar are Fake: Finance Ministry

Following a storm of tweets and circulating screenshots about Asad Umar speculating about the country’s economy and US dollar exchange rate, the finance ministry has advised the public to avoid such fake news.

On Friday morning, the official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Finance tweeted that all such speculations are fake and far from facts.

“Finance Minister Asad Umar has not made any statement speculating the Rupees/Dollar exchange rate. Images circulating on social media in this regard are fake,” the tweet read.

An organized campaign started against the Finance Minister Asad Umar soon after his verbal spate with chairman Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari during a parliamentary session.

This led to a series of allegations from PPP leadership and its supporters on mainstream and social media accusing Asad Umar of causing the inflation for personal gains.