StormFiber Launches a 23Mbps Triple Play + HD Box Promo for Pakistan Day

StormFiber, one of the most popular ISPs of the country, has recently launched an exciting 23 Mbps promo to celebrate Pakistan Day.

According to their communication, the promo provides all of the following at the one time cost of Rs.8888:

  • Installation of the connection
  • 1 Month Free for 23 Mbps Internet
  • Television and Phone services
  • 1 HD Box

After the promo period of 1 month ends, customers will get 20 Mbps Internet +TV + Phone at the monthly rate of Rs. 2999.

Those who avail this promo can enjoy Rs. 1300 worth of discount (their 20 Mbps Triple Blizzard 2.0 package is Rs. 7000 without tax which has 1 month free Internet + TV + Phone and their HD Box is Rs. 3,300). Moreover, customers get an additional 3 Mbps extra bandwidth for the month, so the promo does seem to be value for money.

StormFiber has been getting great reviews in the ISP industry since its launch, word of mouth pushing demand for connections beyond supply.

Trying to match up to the demand, the brand has been actively working on its nationwide expansion, with 4 city launches last year (Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad and Quetta), bringing its total to 7 cities in Pakistan.

Word on the street is that they also have plans to expand to additional cities including Islamabad and Rawalpindi. While the residents of these cities wait in anticipation, those who have StormFiber in their area can make the most of this limited-time Pakistan Day promo.

  • Stormfiber’s coverage area is terrible. Most of the places aren’t even covered in the cities they have launched yet they plan to keep on expanding to more cities. Doesn’t makes sense.

    • Terrible? They are the only ones besides Nayatel which is expanding. Look at Transworld and Optix. Nobody is expanding.
      Your attitude is terrible and pathetic.

    • PTCL aur Telenor neh pure Pakistan ko cover nahi kiya, woh bhi promos bund kardeh. Kiya logic heh. Shabash.

  • That 8888 number will be lucky in China only ?

    Now when will StormFiber actually tell us their true deployment numbers (does anyone have an estimate)?

    Will their Rs 3300 “HD” box do more than live TV channels (mostly in SD), or USB playback or open USB downloads?

    Even PTCL smart Android Box does better (expensive though at Rs 6000, but their total 6 Mbps package is much better.)

    Looks like they can’t sell their Triple Rs 7000 pm package, so now there is a Rs 9000 pm “upgrade”?

    • You should seriously consider moving to India. Rather than pull down companies that are investing in Pakistan, better you join the enemy in trying to attack us and never be successful InshaAllah.

      As far as I know StormFiber is private company so they are not obligted to release the numbers but maybe you can ask PTA then talk.

  • Bhai jaan not even single ISP in Pakistan is capable of covering whole Karachi. I live here and have been relocated thrice within the city, what I noticed, I have to Switch the ISP whenever I relocate, coz current one will not deliver service to my new location.

    I belong to the IT sector of one of Pakistan’s largest Bank and there isn’t any ISP remaining whom we have not taken service from. So one can’t say Storm Fiber or PTCL or Transworld is best. Do note what’s best for you is within your area only and its either unavailable or worst for others.

    All in all, Pakistan is a country for opportunity and as far as ISPs are concerned there is no monopoly here, every ISP works best in their own Service Area :P

  • Storm Fiber a capacity building in ICT with agressive targets fixed for sales, theyre pushing hard for sales, for the hardware they’d want to push, as long as the GPon network is upgraded by Dubai Seth others have some time. Otherwise it’s not a business case for any, PTCL lean, mean may go far, far from existing stake holders in view of their zero ownership cost, which is zero after depreciation.

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