HMD Clears the Air Regarding Alleged Nokia 7 Plus Data Breach

Recently, an issue has surfaced with some of the Nokia 7 Plus smartphones. HMD global, the manufacturer of these phones, was blamed for sending sensitive user data from these phones to China. This was brought to light by a Norwegian site NRK when one of their readers, Henrik Austad, found some unencrypted information transferred from his phone to a server in China.

HMD stayed quiet and said nothing regarding the issue at that time, however, since then, they have investigated the matter and made statements explaining what the issue was and how was it fixed.

They claim that the unencrypted information being sent to the Chinese servers was not sensitive user information and location data rather it was the devices’ activation data. This statement is very much believable since the company needs activation data to put the warranty formalities in place.

They also said that the phones did have a technical issue, the activation client installed in these phones was actually meant for China which is why the activation data was being sent to a Chinese server. The Chinese activation client was mistakenly installed rather than the global activation client, which sends this information to Singapore where all the global information is stored in HMD’s server.

HMD global has sent all the affected phones the necessary fixes, which have been installed by almost all the users. Fixed phones will have a build number similar to ‘00WW_3_22C_SP05’ which can be checked via the ‘about phone’ in settings.

The company has put the rumors to rest, assuring its customers that their information is safe and will not be shared under any circumstances.

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