The US Ambassador and Pakistani Officials are in a Twitter Fight Right Now

The United States Ambassador to Afghanistan, John R. Bass, took to Twitter to reply to Imran Khan’s statement on Afghanistan suggesting that an interim government can lead to a smooth peace process.

Khan’s remarks did not sit well with the Afghanistan officials as well as US diplomats as John Bass labeled his remarks as ‘ball-tampering with the peace process’.

The top diplomat’s statement backfired quickly as Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari called out the US government.

Here’s what she said:

The Federal Minister reiterated Imran Khan’s role in the peace process, saying he helped where Trump and co. couldn’t. She knows how to school someone like John Bass, doesn’t she? However, she did go overboard by name-calling the ambassador as a “little pygmy”; something you would never expect from a government official let alone a minister for human rights.

Other Pakistani politicians and analysts weighed in as well.

The US clearly needs better diplomats to handle critical situations more carefully.

Asad Umar’s response was clear and appropriate though.

Careless and undiplomatic remarks hurting Pakistan, said Advisor to PM on Establishment.

The irony.

How can anyone from the Trump administration lecture Khan on the peace process?

Time for the diplomat to read some history books.

Who’s ball-tampering in South Asia, the Middle East and beyond?

Nope, you cannot.

He needs to learn some manners.

Perfectly summed up.

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