Facebook to Give More Control for Organizing Your News Feed

Facebook is trying to appease its users in the middle of all those scandals by letting them choose what is shown on their newsfeed.

Mark Zuckerberg, in a blog post, said, the lawmakers are constantly nagging Facebook for having power over speech and people’s thinking. Zuckerberg agreed and said that he has decided Facebook should not make such important decisions regarding speech on its own.

This new feature is probably a result of Zuckerberg’s acceptance of the fact that Facebook has no right to shape what and how people think. The new feature was introduced in a blog post by Facebook called, “Why I am seeing this post?”.

According to Ramya Sethuraman, the product manager at Facebook, this is the first time Facebook has built any of the information on how the newsfeed is organized. The posts from your friends you see are based on how often you engage with their posts or talk to them via videos, photos or chats.

However, this is going to change, the user will be able to see the context behind the post. Whether it is because a close friend liked it or whether the user has been engaging in similar content over the past. The best part is you will be able to personalize the context based on the posts you’ll see and the content on his/her news feed. The user will also be able to assign weight to different factors based on which posts on the newsfeed will appear.

The feature will be available to users in mid-May.