Even Samsung Galaxy S10’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner is Easy to Trick

Along with other intriguing features of Samsung Galaxy S10, its on-screen ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor was the talk of the town. It was advertised as a safe and user-friendly fingerprint sensor that worked perfectly well for wet hands as well, but what about dry hands?

Netizens conducted a test on the fingerprint sensor housed in the screen on Samsung Galaxy S10, where the claims of being safe for wet hands held true, it was found that the sensor failed for completely dry hands.

That’s a first. Also, in comparison to the fingerprint sensor in Vivo iQOO and Xiaomi Mi 9, S10’s ultra-sonic sensor is slow. This is a big turn off, keeping in mind the high price tag Samsung galaxy S10 comes with.

Previously, another test carried out by a Reddit and Imgur user, Darkshark shed light on the security vulnerability of the fingerprint sensor. Something commonly and easily available such as a 3D fingerprint mold was able to unlock the phone.

Fingerprints on the screen can be easily obtained, edited and converted into a mold. Easy for someone who can get hands on a stolen Samsung Galaxy S10.

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