Alibaba DAMO Academy Develops Fake News Detector for Social Media

With the advent of social media, private media channels and websites, the amount of fake news circulating on the internet has increased exponentially. Where people who have access to the internet and other platforms can verify the authenticity via websites and agencies that provide such services, there is still a lot of people who believe these rumors.

Spreading rumors and fake news is also used as a part brainwashing and changing a society’s point of view, as seen in 2016’s US presidential elections where fake news on Facebook led to Trump’s victory.

Tools and websites that verify fake news require you to manually look for each link individually. With hundreds of different rumors we hear every day on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms, it is nearly impossible to look up everything on these fake news verifying tools.

Alibaba’s scientific research group called the DAMO academy has found the solution in the form of an AI application. They have developed a fake news detecting app that uses an AI algorithm and trains itself with time.

The application, as you surf through the social media or your browser, automatically checks the authenticity of the news and lets you know about it. It finds the original documentation related to the news, checks the rate of its authenticity and then notifies the user. This fake news detector also checks the authenticity of the reporter and identifies the key arguments of the news.

They have named the application ‘Rumor Shedder’ and it boasts 81 percent accuracy at the moment. The deep learning curve of this application allows it to train itself and increase the accuracy rate over time, so it will only get better and better.

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