Traffic Police Are Having Trouble with Chinese Rule Breakers Because They Refuse to Speak

With the recent developments under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), there has been a huge influx of Chinese citizen in Pakistan. While it may be good for the country, it brings with it a number of drawbacks.

Quite recently, a number of Chinese gangs have been apprehended for their criminal activities, especially the ATM gang.

Karachi and Islamabad house a large number of our friends from across the border. Recently, a video emerged on social media, where a Chinese couple were seen playing dumb when pulled over by the traffic policemen. The person who shared the video claimed that the video was sent to him by the said policeman.

As seen in the video, the Chinese persons never responded to the questions about their driving license or proof of identity. While capturing it on camera may not be the preferred way of going about things – he could easily have taken them into custody or issued them a challan – the video highlights the need of a uniform code for the overseas people just like the Pakistanis.

The traffic police personnel urged the higher authorities to take notice of the matter, saying that the Chinese, who are often pulled over for violation of rules, don’t speak anything, neither in English nor Urdu. The policemen have to let them go because there’s no other way to go about it without a response from the other side.

These [Chinese] people are trying to fool us in our own country.

The alleged offender didn’t tell the officer his name or any other details. The traffic police warden was heard saying in the video that the driver is under-aged and he, as well as the other passenger (a woman), were not wearing their seatbelts. The car was also without a proper number plate.

It might also be possible that the Chinese do not know how to speak English or Urdu, but if you are living in a foreign country or even your own, for that matter, you have to be answerable for your mistakes.

What are your views on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

  • If Pakistani Do the Same in China, We Will Arrest, Fine & Tortures By Chines Police :

    RIP Chines People

    • Yeah Break the Rules Is Good According to YourSelf :
      Do the SAME OutSide Pakistan Phir Kehna I am killing to someone

  • Absolutely correct..We should ot be made fools in our own country. Every law breaking individual should be taken to task.

  • They should nw treated as their police treats foreigners in China. With force. If they act dumb. We shouldn’t just let them go. Law is law. For locals and foreigners.

  • These two idiots should have been arrested with their car impounded. That would have taught them speak fluently.

  • We must regulate there entry. And must make sure that they leave in proper designated time. We should only seek there investment not there loans

  • I wonder, what would happen to a Pakistani after breaking a rule and then playing like this with Chinese police? Shame on them. However, police should have arrested the couple on the spot, especially with the fake license plate on, what if, they were on a way to perform unethical activity?

  • typical pakistani police – uneducated and unable to stop any kinds of violations , however they will resort to harassing locals in order to obtain a bribe !! time for PM Khan to change and upgrade the police

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