PSCA to Introduce Separate Bike Lanes in Lahore

The Punjab Safe City Authority has decided to introduce a separate lane for motorbikes in Lahore in order to regulate traffic and reduce congestion.

Initially, Lahore’s Mall Road and Canal Road will get the green lane. Notably, motorbikes have flooded the roads of Punjab. They are the main reason for congestion on busy roads and are also a cause of most of the road accidents.


E-Challan: PSCA Launches Drive Against Motorists/Motorcyclists Defaulting on Fines

Earlier, the authorities tried to limit the bikers to the left lane but to no avail. Now, a separate lane will be set up for bikers. The PSCA will send an e-challan to the motorcyclists not remaining in their designated lane. Work on the project will start soon, according to the Safe City Authority.

In December last year, authorities in Karachi launched a separate lane for motorcyclists on the arterial Sharea Faisal road.

  • My Question

    Suppose i’m on a bike (Left-Lane) and want to make a U-Turn, which can only happen from far Right Line, wont it be difficult? just a thought.

  • bike line is ok why you never make Ambulance Line as well. Ambulance line is more important than bike line.

  • In Karachi : It’s Was Firstly : Never Follows the Line : Seriously We Are Pakistani :
    We Never Follows the Rules Even i too :

  • Always calling out the common man. Ever tried to penalize car owners who cruise in the last lane or park it in like it’s their daddy’s property? Why on earth should motorcycle riders compromise their travel time in a left most lane that is littered with obstacles every 50m?!

  • Bikes constitute 70% of the traffic in most populated areas, but giving them less than 20% of the road space would be just wrong, Bike owners aren’t well versed in legislature that is why they would never complain about this, while posh-residential areas are always 90% cars, WE DONT NEED BIKE LANES Stop wasting our tax money and do something productive that improves peoples lives other than the top 1%

  • I don’t know how is that possible. I think Government has not done its homework. With huge number of vehicles, small/unplanned roads having absolutely no separate parking spaces it seems impossible to me.

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