The Cheaper Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is Now Official

Microsoft finally took the wraps off from its disc-less all-digital gaming console. This new gaming console is built on the existing Xbox One S and borrows most of its features.

Basically, it is just an Xbox One S without an optical drive. The new console is due to release on 7th May but is available for pre-booking on Microsoft’s official website. It comes at a price tag of $250 which is only $50 less than Xbox one S’s price tag.

This All-Digital gaming console will act as a cheaper entry point for gamers who want to join the Xbox party since the price tag is a big plus point. However, for getting new games, an Xbox Game Pass subscription is a must.

Xbox One S All-Digital edition comes with 1 TB hard drive which will make downloading games much easier.

What’s New?

The device will not start shipping till 7th May but thanks to Austin Evans, a famous Youtuber, we got a glimpse of what is under the hood.


The console is similar to Xbox One S in construction, except it is a cheaper and a lightweight substitute as it lacks the optical drive; the rest of the components are same.

There is a new metal panel reinforcing in place of the optical drive. However, we do see the remnants of the disc drive as well as spare SATA and proprietary power ports. This gives way to a DIY blue-ray disc drive installation, but we don’t know if it will work.

On the outside, we see the same minimal white profile. The disc drive and eject button have been obviously removed.

What Comes in the Box?

The initial launch package introduced will consist of the gaming console with 1 TB hard drive, a wireless controller and three pre-installed Xbox games: Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft.

The console is compatible with all the Microsoft add-ons which can be separately purchased.

Other Specifications

Like the Xbox One S, the All-Digital gaming console will also feature 1080p gaming with high dynamic range (HDR) providing sharp and crisp colors. On top of this, 4K HDR for video playback download and streaming is available.

Of course, the 4K Blu-ray capabilities have been stripped off. Other features include Dolby vision HDR, Dolby Atmos Audio and FreeSync Variable refresh rate (VRR).

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