PIA Airplane's Windscreen Cracks During Flight

PIA Airplane’s Windscreen Cracks During Flight

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight PK-370 nearly escaped a mishap after its windscreen developed some cracks mid-air.

The windscreen reportedly cracked due to low oxygen pressure in the cabin. Fortunately, the incident happened when the plane was close to the airport and it made a safe landing at the Islamabad International Airport on Saturday morning, local media reported.

The PK-370 was a local flight going from Karachi to Islamabad. The pilot took precautionary measures and landed the flight to the new Islamabad Airport. All passengers on board remained unhurt.

It is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

  • The facts are not correct. Windscreen cracked before we even reached Multan . We were not near Islamabad airport . so it was trauma of 1 hr and 30 mins we had no idea whether we will going to make it to Islamabad . First they told us we will have to land in Multan due to technical fault . After half an hour we were told that we will land in lahore and then after half an hour we were told that we are going to Islamabad . So with cracked windscreen we flew from Multan to Islamabad . I wonder why they took a risk with 200 plus passengers on the plane .

  • it was a constant torture and uncertainty. God knows how we reached after the crack. Cant believe I am alive.

  • The plane must have been descended by pilots to an altitude of 10k feet or below since air pressure is not required to be maintained below 10k feet (above mean sea level).
    Malka and passenger can shed light if they noticed low altitude cruise.

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