Zong Offers Affordable Roaming & Unblocked Whatsapp Access in China

With Zong international roaming, you can use WhatsApp in China and that too with affordable rates and good speed.

The rate of 4G data roaming is only Rs.1.50 per MB. The roaming rates of China include Rs. 25 for incoming and outgoing (local) calls. The same rate applies to the outgoing texts and outgoing calls.


Zong 4G Offers the Widest 4G International Roaming Services to Its Customers

A few days ago, the company had announced that it expanded its network coverage, introducing 4G international roaming for its subscribers across 20 countries. That makes it the largest Pakistani 4G cellular network providing services both nationally and internationally.

And now, the network is offering 4G data roaming in China with no WhatsApp blocking. The rate is also quite affordable. Usually Whatsapp and other non-Chinese social media apps and search networks are blocked in China and accessing them is a hassle for anyone visiting China.

Being able to use WhatsApp in China is quite a luxury, as the country has banned WhatsApp since 2017. And anyone who does use Mobile data in China has to pay heavy charges to access the web while roaming internationally.

Zong has solved both problems with a single offer. Anyone visiting China can continue to access Whatsapp at affordable rates.

People who have been to China know how frustrating it can get without having the instant messaging app to talk to one’s family or contacts back home.

For more details visit Zong’s international roaming webpage.

    • 20 countries main tu chale ge ya nahin but data rates itne mehange 1.50/MB had hai waise … Whatsapp China main kise chalay ga yeah koi samjaye mujhay

      • Using VPN I have More Chines Friend (Supplier) they are using WhatsApps and Facebook via VPN.

  • Itne mehange roaming lene ka fida especially data rates are too high … Awaam ko bewaqoof bana rehe heen

    • Sehi Keh rehe hene kamran sab Data rates itne high heen on roaming ke soch hai aap ke … China main wahtsapp chalne ke baat tu shayed sahi hu lakin itne mehange internet kon use kare ga in roaming … 1.50/MB had hai waise.

  • Zong ur loosing guys 1.50/MB … High internet rates ppl can use VPN and easily connect to their loved ones at home using Whatsapp.

    Should have come up with some weekly or daily package ….

  • Come on guys stop making fool of Pakistani customers … whatsapp access is so easy using and free using freely available VPN … and using it of 1.50/MB is too high in the age of 4G and High Speed internet.

  • i got it its good but expensive offer but how the hell Whatsppp will work as even Chine Mobile (Zong Parent Company) own SIM whatsapp is not allowed …

  • ZONG is own by Chinese largest mobile company (China mobile) and they are progressing towards Asian trade union from every corner and telecom sector is one of them. China mobile also own mobile companies in many Asian countries and 5G is on they way too.

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