Google is Working on a Touchless Phone OS

Android is the most famous operating system when it comes to smartphones and tablets. However, Google has never focused on feature phones that are quite popular in Asian and 3rd world countries since these phones provide basic features at a low price. The phones, at most, have 3G, basic calling, messaging, web browsing and sometimes Wi-Fi.

Going by the new leak by 9To5Google, it looks like Google has finally decided to penetrate the feature phone market as well.

At this point, KaiOS is leading the industry and is the most popular OS for feature phones.


Google recently added a set of screenshots for the chrome’s public translation team commit. Even though the screenshots were shortly removed, 9to5Google was able to retrieve and analyze them. The screenshots show a new tab of chrome browser that can be controlled with buttons.

In the status bar, there is an Android Oreo system icon (top left) which shows the touchless version of chrome is designed over Android 8.1 Oreo.

What Does This Show?

Initially, we thought that Google was just showing a new touchless version of chrome, but the system icon precisely indicates that the touchless version of chrome is made for Android 8.1 Oreo which shows that there is a touchless version of Android 8.1 Oreo being developed.

That is all we know for now, but if Google is really diving into the feature phone industry, KaiOS is going to get a major rival soon. Nobody knows why Google is experimenting on a two-year-old Android version. Google might give us a few hints about it at the Google I/O conference coming up soon.

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