HTC Releases its First Cinema-Grade VR Film

VIVE studios, HTC Vive’s VR content development studio, has released its first award-winning VR film. The movie, 7 Miracles, has been developed by the VIVE studios in collaboration with Panogramma and Film Production Consultants.

About the Movie

The movie is an immersive VR adaptation of seven miracles of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John. VIVE studios have combined award-winning storytelling with the new technology in VR. The 260-degree experience immerses and connects the audience to the events and stories from the Gospel.

The movie was made with top of the line VR technology using photogrammetry along with volumetric video capture. 8K resolution images were produced for giving the most immersive experience during the whole 30 minutes.

In his statement, the studio’s VP and general manager, Chris Chin said,

This celebrated story has been retold over and over, yet through VR, we’ve developed an experience that allows the audience to connect with this epic in a brand-new way. HTC VIVE has engaged the newest methods in VR filmmaking and editing for 7 Miracles, pioneering the next generation of cinematic content.


According to the announcement, the full-length feature film is available at VIVEPORT at $19.99 and for $9.99 on Google Play Store.

HTC has announced that the film for different headset versions, iOS and Vive wave platform will be released at a later date.