Consumers Call For Removal of Withholding Tax from Phone Cards

The restoration of mobile phone taxes by the Supreme Court of Pakistan isn’t sitting well with the masses who are pleading the government to abolish withholding tax on prepaid cards.

Those not aware of the latest verdict passed by the apex court are seen debating about the taxes at local recharge outlets. The constant bickering has forced the shop owners to put notices of new taxes applicable on easy load and card recharge. However, angry Pakistanis are demanding the authorities to take back the decision which has put an extra burden on their shoulders.

Talking to a private news outlet, a citizen said that the mobile packages have suddenly become far more expensive. Giving the example of an internet package, he said that it took Rs. 160 to load the package, however, you have to recharge Rs. 250 to do the same.

Earlier, there were zero taxes on mobile recharge following former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar’s decision last year. However, due to mounting pressure from telcos and increasing losses to the national exchequer, the CJP Asif Saeed Khosa made the decision to restore taxes on prepaid card recharge.

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  • Real problem is not the taxes, its the ghunda tax taken by companies on the name of maintenance charges and shown as tax. Also there is no point of collecting withholding tax from filers

      • Data is available on FBR website. Banks are already using the data for WHT. Why companies don’t use it.

        • Due to Court Order : Court Never advised to telecom company to Cannot deduct the any taxes amount to Non Filer User.

          RIP Court Decision

  • Increase the taxes is not a main point :
    SIM Wale Apne Package Price Ko Increase Q Kar Rahy hai
    Wo to Pehly Se Zaida Decrease Hona Chahyah :

    Court has to deiced to implement the taxes on current bill why court does not to stop making high price on each package ?

  • Has anyone noticed that Zong has increased their MBB package prices as well? Others will follow suit soon. Disappointing how everything is getting expensive for end consumer.

  • Unregulated sector , what else to expect. Telecos do whatever they feel like doing. These taxes are incomprehensible for a consumer to understand in the first place. Tax on calls, sms, balance check, call center agent, balance share, tunes, utilities, top-ups, … the list never ends! At least regularize the taxes if at all.

  • If the taxes on mobile usage were to be restored then what was the purpose of taking up the issue at supreme court.

  • ہمارے ججوں میں عقل کی کمی ہے فیصلہ تو دے دیا مگر ان کو علم نہیں شاید بوجھ عوام کی گردن پر ہی پڑنا ہے

  • Why supreme court or government don’t understand that all mobile users are tax payer. Stupid thought. Judges are releasing useless verdicts.

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