New Islamabad Airport Welcomed 4.7 Million Passengers in its First Year

New Islamabad International Airport has handled more than 4.7 million domestic and international passengers since it became operational last year.

According to Aviation Division’s Secretary and Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Director-General Shahrukh Nusrat, the number of passengers is increasing at the airport, turning it into a regional hub.

He added that the CAA and Aviation Division officers monitor the airport regularly. They received a lot of complaints initially, but the number of complaints has gradually decreased over time.

The secretary said that presently, there is only one primary runway at the airport. However, the administration is trying to turn things around. Talks are underway with engineers about converting the parallel taxi track into a usable runway.

New Islamabad International Airport

The airport was called the country’s first state-of-the-art airport by the previous government. It incurred at least Rs. 105 billion in construction costs. The cost covers everything from the modern security scanners to the truck art on the terminal building.


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Around 132,000 plants have been added to make it green while another 250,000 will be planted around the airport under the Clean and Green Pakistan campaign.

The airport is spread over an area of 4,238-acres and has a planned capacity to accommodate nine million passengers and 50,000 metric tons of cargo every year. It also contains a food court for visitors, a children park, and a 50-bed trauma center.

For the aircraft operations, there is a four-story terminal building, six taxi links, two runways, three rapid taxiways, a cargo apron, five aprons, and designated parking bay for wide-body aircraft inclusive of Airbus A380.

The airport also contains the air traffic control complex, a separate terminal for cargo, and refueling facilities. It has 32 domestic lounges and 70 check-in counters. There are multiple business class and first class lounges in domestic and international departure areas.

The airport has 33 parking bases and 15 bridges, six of which are for domestic flights and nine for international flights. The total capacity of the parking lot is 2,200 cars. There is also a 282-acre dam called Rama with a capacity of 2,122 acre-feet near the airport. A 700-acre Kisana Dam is also under construction close by.

Several sanitation plants and a water treatment plant have also been installed at the airport.

Via: ExpressTribune

  • kha makha main direct flights ko divert karke faltoo ka stopover karwake phr blown up stats banaoge to passengers increase hi honge airport pe.

    • Bro, other countries Airports does the same, look at Dubai International Airport or Hammad international Airport.

  • The shoddy workmanship in some of the construction is clear to see ie the toilet facilities, Escalators, and in parts already falling into disrepair must also add the odd arsehole in uniform is still prevelant who needs to be taught some manners and to smile more often and be reminded you work in a public facing service sector need to be reminded you are the face of Pakistan. Insha’Allah things are gradually getting better with new members of staff gradually pushing some old dinosaurs out onwards and upwards hopefully.

  • PIA ko oman air emirates say seakhna chahe A price kam karkay ziyada say ziyada routes hasil kare aur Asia ka aik acha hub bana dea pakistan say kioe saudi jata hu aur agar wo Emirates ya omanair say jata hu Wo b pehly dubai oman jatay hai phr saudi 5 hrs ka travels 10 hrs hujata hai phr b loog travell karty hai qk ticket saasta milta hai

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