A New Way to Keep Milk Fresh for Months Has Been Discovered

You must be aware of the Pasteurization technique that keeps the milk consumable for two to three weeks but this new technique developed by the researchers at Australian Food Innovation Company Naturo claim to have developed a method that preserves milk for over two months.

Naturo claims that unlike pasteurization, their technique does not involve heat treatment of the milk and “retains its natural color and taste as it is directly from the cow.”

Without going into the details of how it works, the company’s CEO Jeff Hastings said that the process is based on ‘a series of existing technologies.’

“Pasteurization is a very aggressive process. It is heated to 72 degrees Celsius, held there for 15 seconds and the homogenized milk is then roughly processed, if desired, by a process called homogenization,” Hastings told, adding that Naturo’s technique doesn’t include this.

Hastings also claimed that their company doesn’t only keep the milk preserved for two months but also keeps it as fresh as on the first day.

The Australian government agency, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, has also approved the new milk treatment process stating that it meets all the required standards for the emission of pathogen microorganisms. It also keeps beneficial enzymes and vitamins, including B2 and B12.

This makes the milk healthier for human consumption by giving it a longer life, keeping it fresh, cutting down on food waste besides other advantages.

The successful implementation of the treatment process at a larger scale would open up a whole new range of markets for farmers who can export their milk without any fear.

  • Jeff Hastings please send details of process, if patented, then licensing, trails conducted in Australia. Details of licensing from regulatory process, if granted or wait. Please reply with availability of samples for trails Which cattle breed of milk, and samples need refrigeration, and related data. We seek to reduce local milk prices so we may export our organic milks, etc., An other annexure article with sample availability/disclaimer.

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