Two Years On, $3 Billion Indian Submarine is Still Out of Commission

India’s first nuclear-missile submarine has been out of order, or “out of commission” as they say, for two years. Do you know why? It’s thanks to a small ‘human’ error.

The $2.9 billion INS Arihant went out of commission just days after it was introduced to the Indian Navy’s fleet.

According to The Hindu’s report, Arihant suffered ‘major damage’ due to what Navy sources are calling a ‘human error.’

Internal investigations have revealed that one of the vessel’s external hatches remained unlocked when it submerged, which allowed water to flood into the submarine’s propulsion compartment and destroy the equipment.

“Water rushed in as a hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake,” the report said, adding that the incident happened in February 2017, shortly after the submarine’s launch.

Since then, the nuclear-submarine “has been undergoing repairs and clean up,” said the paper.

Besides other repair work, the authorities are getting many pipes cut open and replaced.

While it’s hard to tell how major a mess-up this is, according to Kyle Mizokami, the author of Popular Mechanics:

Indian authorities ordered the pipe replacement because they likely felt that pipes exposed to corrosive seawater couldn’t be trusted again, particularly pipes that carry pressurized water coolant to and from the ship’s 83-megawatt nuclear reactor.

For context, a submarine assigned to Britain’s Royal Navy narrowly avoided a complete reactor meltdown in 2012 after the power sources for its coolant system failed.

The incident did not only cause an international embarrassment but also raised strategic concerns for the Indian Armed Forces.

  • It cannot be a 3bn USD submarine probably and 3Bn Indian rupee. Which is 1/70th the value

    • USD 3 Billion is correct. For God’s sake it’s a real nuclear submarine and not a toy. It comes with its own nuclear reactor, cooling system as well all the other systems required for the operation of the submarine. Moreover it also comes equipped with weapon systems. So USD 3 Billion is not a huge amount considering what one is getting.

    • Nuclear sub. 3 Bil sounds right. Most of that costs probably the reactor. Those things aint cheap

  • It’s not human error. It’s just standard practice in Bharat’s military to destroy themselves.

  • My question is why there was no indication for the hatch open. There should have been an interlock to inhibit the submarine to dive in. Its also a control fault.

    • So much for 3bn Usd..??
      Even tge cars today don’t stop beeping if the seat belt is not tied..??

  • Still Out of Commission? The refit has been completed long back and was even deployed during the stand off with Pakistan. I worked on the refit project.

  • Indian sub deployed during standoff with Pak.! … Plz.. someone tell Indians… Pakistanis can not afford offer hospitality of 100+ Abhinandans in case of this sub wash away on beach… :)

  • Indians often proved the saying “bandar ke haath maen naryal” a truth. I’m wonder why they didn’t give credit to the ISI this time, probably it’s true and they didn’t want more international and national embarrassment.

  • Politics aside, how in the world a $3bn neucleur submarine missing a basic early warning system. Must be something missing or if its real fired those people who designednit

    • US$460 million ??, Pakistan’s government dosent even have that much money in the bank account. It’s not a toy for god’s sake,
      Nuclear powered submarine, you Pakistanis call us Indians terrorists, but you fail to realise that you are being fooled by your own military and your government, the Indians are terrorist isn’t that why the international community is on the brink of declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state.

      • Are you sitting in the government counting money? Yes, yes, it has been your (Indians) dream of destroying Pakistan and declaring it as a failed state since the partition and every year it is the same BS being fed by the government to you over and over again. Pakistan has fought more terrorists than any other country in the world and that is a fact that is even accepted by countries such as US. However, you guys should stick to making Bollywood films and continue to live in that make believe world of yours. The fact that your army tried to submerge a sub without closing the hatch shows what happens when you give expensive equipment into the hands of monkeys.

      • The article is about indian navy handling a $3 billion submarine like a toy!. Which is extremely unprofessional and an embarrassment for the navy and country. The news is Not about Pakistan’s economic condition OR use of pellet guns on innocent civilians by indian forces OR # of rapes that occur every minute in india. Better focus on the current article and Comment on the stupidity of the navy personnel who committed this shameful blunder..

  • indian navy handled a $3 billion submarine like a toy! which is extremely unprofessional and an embarrassment for the navy and country. Its shows the stupidity of the navy personnel who committed this shameful blunder.

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