PUBG Banned in China and its Replacement is Absolutely Bizzare

In a piece of unfortunate news, today game publisher Tencent has been forced to pull PUBG from China following the disapproval of the Chinese Government.

PUBG, a widely popular game is a pioneer of the battle royale genre. Despite having a huge market in China, with over 70 million players active on PUBG mobile, Tencent had to forcibly discontinue the game in the country.

Tencent had to do it due to the Chinese government’s refusal to allow in-app purchases for PUBG mobile. In response, Tencent has replaced PUBG with an all-new patriotic title, Game for Peace, which according to the publisher “pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace”.

What is Game for Peace?

Game for Peace is a weird replacement for PUBG, meant to be acceptable for the Chinese government. Players also had their PUBG account and stats automatically transferred over to the new title. Some minor changes include the absence of gore and blood, and characters sit up and wave goodbye when they’re killed.

Analyst Cui Chenyu said

It is almost the same as PUBG. The gameplay, the background, the graphic design, and the characters, they’re almost the same.

Subsequently, Game for Peace has gained approval for monetization in China and is available for playing already.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Yeah It Should be Banned in Pakistan
    ISPR Ne Bhi Iski Jaga Game Launch Kar Di Hai

        • Wow or ye kis ny kaha ??
          Its not about so called pubg its about your own f…….. ego

        • ISPR ny game bnai nahi ha. Banwa ky promote kiya ha game ko. aye huwy kaafi arsa ho gya ha game ko. PUBG ka mukabla nahi kr sakti ISPR ki game bcz of poor graphics, sounds, controls and lack of multiplayer game mode.ISPR game is offline game means you can’t play with other players so PUBG ky sath na hi compare karo iss ko tou acha ha. I don’t hate ISPR game but i appreciate the effort of the game creators. Btw I’ve played that both games.

        • Hamare Liey Toh Chalo Gunnah Sahi…Per Jo Aap Aik Chooti Si Game Se Hi Itna Hyper Aur Frustrated Ho Rahay Hain Uska Kia? Jab Yeh Rules Banaay Gaye Thay Ke Kia Haraam Hai Aur Kia Halaal Tab Video Games Ka Koi Tassawar Nahi Tha! Thora To Zahen Lagaao Bhai! Ya Toh Aapka Phone Pubg Support Nahi Karta Ya Toh Aap Aik Achhay Player Nahi Hain! Aisi Bachkaani Baatain Toh Matt Kerain! GAME KHELNA GUNNAH HAI! ?

          • Qyamat Se Pehly Ek Jang Hogi Jiska Naam “AL MalHamaTul Kubra” hai
            Ye Game Usi Point Pe Banaya Gya hai.

        • Mr! PUBG ko ap kis buniyad pe junah keh rhe agar ye junah hota ya islamophobic hoti tou samajh ati but there has been no such reports regarding that, besides i have starting playing and talking to those friends on fb whom I had almost forgotten, just because of pubg and aj kal ke jo halaat hain ap ko shukr karna chayiye youth ghar mien rehti ha is game ke bahane warna bahir awara jhoom ke nashe mien par skti ha. Thankyou! #nooffense#nofight.

    • PUBG aijaad ayy kaafiraan di,
      Khedan aalay gaafil, shaitaan.
      Musalmana uttay haraam ayy.

  • Jin ko game nahi khailni ati un k liay gunah hi ha. Kuch ALLAH ka khof kro. Game ko game hi rehne do.

  • Hahahaha ? ? ? haram h???
    Bhai mujhy b btao k islam m konsi kitab k konsy page py, ya quran ki konsi surat ya ayat m Likha h k pubg haram h?
    Haram whi h jisko Allah ny haram qarar dia h, bhai phone ? to ap b smart use krty hgy, Facebook whatsapp, Instagram py jo ghair mehram oorton ko dakhty ho wo haram h us sy Allah ny mana Farmaya h game ko game hi rhny 2, apny ap sy FATWA jaari nah kro.
    If you don’t know about something, do some research on that, and I’m sure you’ll get some answers. Waddey aye…

  • I don’t think so playing PUBG is gunnah.. It depends on us how much time we give on it.. By the it helped those who are free in there lives by earning through youtube and etc….

  • I am not specifically against the PUBG. These and such like games are just waste of time and such waste of time in such activities are not appreciated in Islam in all times and specially in Ramadan. Allah SWT has sent us in this world to prepare for the here in after. You people seems educated and have wisdom. If we spent our precious time in wasteful activities then what would happen to us after death. There is no criteria who would die first, the elder or the younger one. I would request all to obey the orders of Allah SWT as practiced by Prophet SAAW or wait for the worst to happen

  • People calling pubg haram is like they’ve never seen gaming world before. Are you serious such games existed for a long time and gaming community is a thing

  • All of you guys are saying truth that playing pubg is not a “gunnah” but
    For those who took it serious like kay saari saari raat kheltay rehnay or is k royal pass k peechay fazool parents k paisay zaya krna yeh to shaitani kaam hai lekin wo log jo din ma kuch time k liye kheltay hain sirf freshment ya kuch time k entertainment k liye un k liye to gunnah nhi hai. Agar aisa hota k playing playing games like pubg gunnah hai to un doosri game k against bhi baat kro jo isi base per develope hui hain like fortnite,apex legends.Ye wo games hain jo log paglon ki tarah kheltay hain mere khayal ma app mai say kaafi logon ko TWITCH app ka to pata ho ga us me jaa kr check krain to fortnite k viewers zyada hain pubg say. Or bht say Pakistani youtube streamers is games ko live kheltay hain or is say paisay bhi kamatay hain to isi bahanay say wo kuch paisay bhi to kama rhay hain k khud ko or apni family ko support kr saken.
    Please stop saying that playing games is a sin (gunnah) is tarah to un movies k bhi against baat kro jin may islam k khilaf muslims k against jang hoti hai. Or
    Phir tab koi nhi bolta k yeh gunnah hai. Kafiroon ka kaam hi muslims ko bhatkaana hai lekin yeh to hamaray faith per depend krta hai k ham nay kya choose krna hai.
    Jaisa k app log ek hi aadmi say behas kr rhay hain kiya pata us ko in cheezon k baaray ma ilam km ho. So stay Calm Be happy and enjoy your life as muslims in accordance to Allah and his Prophet(P.B.U.H)

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