CAA Removes Aeronautical Charges on Domestic Flights

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has revised its aeronautical charges/fees for domestic and international flights. According to a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM): A0540/19 the revised aeronautical charges for all domestic flights have been removed.

The NOTAM is valid for both North and South Flight Information Regions (FIRs) of Pakistani airspace, OPKR (Karachi FIR) and OPLR (Lahore FIR). The decision to remove the aeronautical charges for domestic flights has come in compliance with the New Aviation Policy 2019.


CAA has also rationalized its fee structure for international flights. Provisional NOTAMs for Islamabad International Airport and Jinnah International Airport Karachi have also been issued on CAA’s web site. The charges include Avio Bridges (Boarding bridges) charges, Parking and landing charges (per ton), passenger service charges and Preconditioned Air Facility Charges.

Impact of the Decision

The decision will directly benefit Pakistan’s local airlines especially the national carrier. PIA currently operates flights for 18 domestic and 24 international destinations. Domestic passengers can expect to see the ticket prices decrease marginally as the domestic charges were already quite small.

CAA, on the other hand, will lose a chunk of its revenue it used to gather from domestic flights.


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