Pakistan’s Other Educational Crisis, the Fate of the ‘In-School Children’

It is a well-known fact that 22 million children are out of school in Pakistan but what you might not know is the fate of around 28 million children who are currently enrolled in the education system.

Most of these children receive an education that lacks both quality and effectiveness, which only compounds the youth-centric challenges of our beleaguered nation.

The statistics are worse further down the road as only 2 million children reach public/private sector degree colleges out of the 10 million children currently enrolled in primary schools. What makes this more heart-breaking is that the remaining 8 million children do not complete their education despite wanting to do so.

A large portion of these children take up menial, low-paying jobs and are unable to escape from the poverty trap.

The out-of-school children and those receiving subpar education collectively number over 50 million, which is roughly a quarter of our population. We are failing them by not providing them with the right tools and opportunities to gain meaningful employable skills. These young minds on whom we pin our hopes for the future are bound to become a burden rather an asset for the country.

The route to meaningful employment for the majority of this growing youth has to be skills development. Skill-based training can add to the economy of the country, ultimately steering Pakistan towards progress.

The Aman Foundation

The Aman Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise working in the health and education sectors of Pakistan, specifically in emergency healthcare and vocational training.

The Aman Institute for Vocational Training (Aman Tech) is a state-of-the-art vocational training institute, which provides demand-driven, employable skills for the youth with an emphasis on soft skills development.

To date, approximately 14,000 students have graduated from Aman Tech with an impressive job placement rate of 65%. These students, the majority of whom come from the underprivileged segments of society, don’t just transform the lives of their families and communities with the skills they learn but also contribute towards the economy of Pakistan.

How Aman Tech is Helping Transform Lives

Aman Tech’s mission is to “transform lives”. More and more individuals, organizations and government bodies are recognizing the need for skill development.

Although there are over 3,500 various vocational training institutes in the country, Aman Tech stands out with its various international awards, certifications and a track record of almost 10 years.

The Institute empowers youth through economic and social means and equips them with technical as well as soft skills, increasing chances of their employability.

It hopes to build confidence, promote team-work, and instill tolerance for religious and ethnic diversity that will help produce not just exceptional employees, but good citizens as well.

Aman Tech’s Success Stories

Aman Tech has helped achieve countless success stories. One of them is of Khizar Rashid, a graduate of Aman Tech, who had no practical skills at the time of his admission. 6 months later, he completed his course with flying colors and due to his determination, coupled with the nurturing faculty at Aman Tech, he was able to hone his skills to get a decent job at a well-known company.

However, on Aman Tech’s advice, he applied for an apprenticeship program at Siemens in Germany. Out of 75 students across the nation, Khizar was the only candidate selected.

Now, he is successfully completing a 4-year program in Berlin, where he hopes to capitalize on this opportunity. He eventually intends to apply his enhanced skillset once he returns to Pakistan.

Another heart-warming story is of Farhana Mehmood, a graduate in stitching, who had rarely stepped out of her home, primarily due to her handicapped daughter. Her husband is a rickshaw driver and is unable to work on most days due to his diabetes, thus, she had to support her family financially.

Her dedication and hard work landed her a job in the stitching department of a leading national company. She was then able to pay back her debt and she is hopeful that she would now be able to pay her children’s school fee. She envisions a bright future for her children and wants them to be successful in life.

This Ramazan, Aman Foundation has launched a campaign to promote vocational training as one of the solutions for the dwindling economy of the country.

Here’s how you can support the youth of Pakistan: Visit or call 021 111 111 823 to donate.