Xiaomi Launches Makeup Mirror That Doubles as a Power Bank

The Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, has added another power bank to its list of crowdfunded products. However, this product by one of Xiaomi’s eco-chain companies is not a simple power bank, it doubles up as a makeup mirror with built-in natural light LEDs.

Previously, Youle, one of Xiaomi’s crowdfunded subsidiaries, launched Youle LOVExtend: 3-in-1 power bank that tripled as an emergency power bank, flashlight and grocery bag holder. It looks like we are going to see many products like these in the future.

Design and Construction

This mirror and power bank duo is specifically made to fit in a small handbag and only weighs 145 grams. At first glance, it looks more like a makeup mirror with a power outlet and a power button.

The orange-brown shade added to the product is like a fresh breeze. Xiaomi has not let go of its minimalistic taste but its good to see some color in its products. The small mirror has a set of LED beads around it to provide natural light during makeup.

As a Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror is slightly smaller than the dimensions of the product due to the 12 surrounding LED lamp beads. It comes with a 2x magnifying mirror and a basic looking mirror.

The light provided by the LED lamp beads is customizable according to the user preference. It has three different settings and the light fills in slowly when turned on.

That means the power button needs to be pressed for at least 1 second to turn on the LED beads. The final brightness level is achieved within 3 seconds. The same holds true when turning the LED light off.

In case the lights are on and you close the mirror, the power is automatically cut off, turning the lights off. If you are using the mirror fill light and the power bank’s battery goes down to 10 percent, the lights will turn off automatically. However, you can still turn them back on and use it for about 60 more minutes.

Power Bank

This power bank is not made to completely charge your device or act as an external battery, it is more of an emergency power system. The device comes with a 3000 mAh battery with 5V/1A input and output. The slow charging and low battery capacity make it ideal for emergency use only. It cannot be used as a regular power bank.

The product is reasonably priced at $18.