Ali Jehangir Siddiqui Joins Afiniti

Afiniti International Holdings Ltd., also called Afiniti, recently announced that the Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron would be joining them as Chairman of the advisory board and alongside him would be Admiral William Owen, ex-US Vice Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff and Pakistan’s prodigy, Ali J. Siddiqui, as members of the advisory board.

Afiniti is a multinational data and software company based in Washington, D.C. It is also the world’s largest Artifical Intelligence startup with a valuation of a billion dollars. It is also known as the “Global Unicorn.”

The company is the world leader in providing AI technology, and its board members consist of an impressive number of significant senior business and political leaders from across the world who lend counsel to the company as it expands around the globe. They will guide on critical issues to the company as it aims for growth and success.

David Cameron joins Afiniti as Chairman of the advisory board

Amongst the other distinguished luminaries on the board, one can find names like Lord John Browne – CEO BP, Andrew Knight – Chairman Times Newspapers, and Andrea Wong – Director Liberty Media International, Francois Fillon, the former prime minister of France and Simon Murray, the former Glencore chairman.

Zia Chishti, CEO Afiniti, while welcoming the new council members said,

We are delighted to welcome David, Bill and Ali to Afiniti. Our Advisory Board has a diverse array of senior business and political leaders who provide invaluable guidance to the company as we expand around the world.


At Afiniti, we’re proud to be delivering real benefits through our AI technology today, helping to drive significant value to clients across industries. Afiniti is about raising the productivity of companies. David’s deep personal commitment to this issue makes him perfectly-placed to lead our Advisory Board, and all three new Board members will support Afiniti in our next stage of growth.

The shuffle of the advisory board has helped Pakistan gain recognition on the global stage with the addition of Ali Siddiqui on the advisory board. Siddiqui has held multiple high-level roles in numerous Pakistan-based companies, and in 2006, he founded JS bank. Over time, he has been at the helm of several Boards and has had executive roles at several leading philanthropic organizations, including acting as CEO of the Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation. In 2017, he was the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan while in 2018, he became the Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA.

Ali Siddiqui is a role model for the nation, as he helps inspire millions of children across the country to pursue their dreams. He has shown that age is not a prerequisite to take charge of multi-national organizations or runs shoulders with Prime Ministers. People like him represent the country on an international level, and Pakistan will grow thanks to the efforts of individuals like him, as they help inspire people in their country and help bring recognition from the international stage which can be leveraged to build a soft image and bring in foreign investment to the country.

  • So this is the guy who was appointed by Nawaz Sharif as an Ambassador of Pakistan to US but PTI went to court against his Appointment? No Wonder PTI is a made of bunch of Doofuses. their sole agenda was to shamelessly go 180 against that Government.

    • Appointed by NS doesn’t mean that he was actually a part of that party…. In my opinion pti is no different from pmln and ppp…

      • It is not the appointment by NS rather his conduct as Investment banker which makes him Corrupt. He laundered money for his N league friends using his Bank and investment holdings. He also committed fraud by selling shares at higher market price which were used to pay off his loans. He might be a prodigal businessman however he has built his empire on the back of corruption and enabling corruption for the N league big wigs. For that he was rewarded the Ambassadorship to US.

  • sarey corrupt logon ko jama kar raha hai zia chisti what an idiot. No wonder haram ka paisa laga wa hai is ke company mein.

  • While Zia Chishti is a self-made person who has made an absolutely stellar role-model for the youth to emulate, the same cannot be said at all about Ali JahangirThe who is riding on his father’s empire and relied mostly on those connections to get business contracts and state appointments.

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