Google Launches Its Own Internet Speedtest Service for Stadia

Google’s new game streaming service, Stadia, allows you to play demanding games solely through an internet connection. This will allow game developers unrestricted access to better hardware as you can just play the game anywhere with a good internet connection.

Stadia is gaining more attention than ever given the E3 Gaming Expo started this weekend, with the developers showcasing their new games for the platform and future gaming hardware.

To avail the service and to enjoy it to the fullest, the quality of your internet connection is crucial, it needs to guarantee reliability, speed, and low latency. You can check your current internet connection for this with the help of Google’s new speed test tool that will tell you if your connection can support Google Stadia or not.

You can access the test page, through Stadia’s landing page, and run the test on the ISP or internet connection you hope to use with Stadia.

According to Google, to stream at 720p @60fps with stereo audio, at least 10Mbps will be required. For a 1080p HDR stream @ 60fps + 5.1 surround sound, at least 20 Mbps and to stream at 4K HDR @60fps with 5.1 surround sound, over 30Mbps will be needed.

The speed test tool is not available in Pakistan at the time of writing this article but hopefully, it will change in the future.

Stadia is expected to be launched this summer and it will be fascinating to see how well it runs, there might be some teething issues at the start related to connectivity as users join the service, but we are sure Google will be able to figure them out, given the computing power it has on its hands.

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