Instagram Tests Easier Ways to Recover Hacked Accounts

Instagram has just announced that it is testing changes that could make it easier for users to recover their hacked accounts, as well as security features that could make it harder to steal Instagram usernames in the first place.

This news comes after a wave of Instagram users faced issues getting back into their locked accounts. In some cases, users even turned to third-party white-hat hackers to help them regain access to their accounts after becoming frustrated by Instagram’s lack of customer support.

Updated Account Recovery

Where you presently either have to wait for an email or fill out a support form, the updated method will ask Instagram users to enter the email address or phone number linked to their account. You’ll then get a six digit code sent to you by email or text to help you regain access to your lost account.

This new method will ensure that you can retrieve your account even if an intruder has changed your username and contact data. To ensure this, Instagram is introducing a feature called “period of time” where a username cannot be claimed if account changes are made – legitimately or by hackers.

While this won’t stop hackers from getting into accounts, what it will do is help users recover their accounts a lot easier and quicker.

It’s not certain yet when the in-app recovery will be made available, although the username lockdown is available to all Android users and is being deployed to iOS users.

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