IESCO Management Now Uses A Mobile App for Resolution of Electric Faults

The management of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has started using a mobile application to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to the consumers.

An official source has confirmed that an application has been built on the directives of the federal government. It connects all the senior officials to the app, which informs them about the situation of power supply in all parts of the region.

If any fault appears in any of the gridlines, the application immediately notifies the concerned department who then have to take corrective measures immediately.


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The app also reportedly notes the time taken from the identification to rectification of the problem and prepares a performance report.

The source confirmed that the government had conveyed it to the IESCO officials that there’s a zero-tolerance policy against any delay in rectification of a fault either from the field staff or the company.

The official added that this will exempt consumers from worrying about the grid station faults as they won’t have to make multiples calls to register their complaints regarding the power outage.


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“The government has made officials responsible for any electricity outage and removing of the fault, as that is what they are paid for,” he added.

He said the new system will make the IESCO officials, particularly the field staff, vigilant and subsequently, will bring a sigh of relief for consumers.