IESCO Launches Special Drive to Prevent Power Theft

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company has initiated a special drive in its five circles to control electricity theft.


The power supplier will fix all the open distribution boxes, improper installment of meters, replacement of cables with insulated conductor wires in populated areas and routing of electricity lines over houses.

According to the IESCO spokesperson, this drive is meant to eradicate power theft through illegal ‘kunda’. The aim is to ensure complete safety of the consumers and IESCO staff. He told that the company has completed almost 85% of the work already.

The official further stated that IESCO Chief Chaudhary Shahid Iqbal and Operation Manager Raja Asghar are personally supervising the initiative.


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Addressing media, he added that IESCO has been launching combing operations in the high-loss areas to overcome the administrative and technical losses.


IESCO Chief also lauded the efforts of the field officers and staff regarding controlling electricity theft. Iqbal further divulged that around 980 suspicious electricity meters along with the defective meters were caught.

Revealing shocking details, he informed that around 1.3 million units have been charged on these meters. Not only that but a fine worth Rs. 20.3 million has been also charged in the current month.

Overall, and out of the 980 meters, 860 meters were found slow, 11 tempered and 6 meter with holes while 103 meters were caught using direct supply.

Via: Nation


  • ROSHNI service already closed by IESCO Hadd-Haraam team.
    When it was activated a timeline given to IESCO Sub-Division for resolution of issue, again now we have to complaint IESCO area office and manually register the complaint now. OLD BOGUS System.

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