PTA To Upgrade Scope of Work for Telecom Operators Under New Licensing Framework

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) plans to upgrade the scope of work for telecom operators under the telecommunication license framework bringing it at par with the emerging global standards and the transforming role of telecom sector at the domestic level.

The telecom regulator will hire a consultant in this regard which will carry out various tasks to develop a comprehensive framework for telecom operators under the new licensing regime.

PTA plans to overhaul license regime of telecom sector and will execute below tasks.

1. It will assess the existing licensing framework of the operators.

2. It will develop a licensing framework for future including license renewal.

3. It will prepare a test and development license framework that should include criteria for the provision of licenses, license conditions, the duration of the licenses, the terms and conditions of reissuing the licenses on expiry.

4. It will prepare a framework for MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) as provided in accordance with policy guidelines on mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators considering the best international practices.

Emerging Scope of Work

PTA intends to determine the method of authorization to organizations holding a broadcasting license but can offer telecommunication services to ensure equivalent treatment of alternative infrastructure providers.

It will also chalk out a mechanism under which it will authorize the telecommunications licensees for the provision of broadcast media and distribution service, including the necessity of doing so given the evolving nature of TV.

On behalf of PTA, a consultant will assess possibilities for separation of spectrum and operations licensing.

It will also find out the requirements for deployment of public Wi-Fi metropolitan area networks.

Further details of the review of telecommunication license framework can be viewed here.