PIA is Not Shifting its Head Office from Karachi: Spokesperson

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has once again refuted rumors saying that the airline is shifting its headquarters to Islamabad.

Social media was rife with unconfirmed reports that PIA was moving its head office out of Karachi. The speculation gained further traction after 15 officials from the security and vigilance department were transferred to Islamabad airport. This took the overall count of transfers to 40, prompting rumors that the head office was being shifted to the federal capital.

There was visible unrest among the airline employees in the head office as many feared the move might lead to layoffs.

However, PIA’s management has assured that no such move is on the cards. They said that the transfers were in connection to the increased flight operations from Islamabad airport.

Official Statement

Mashood Tajwar, the spokesperson of the national flag carrier, informed media reporters that following the start of British Airways’ flights from Islamabad and unprecedented tourism arrivals in northern areas and KP, 80 percent of the flight operations are being carried out from the airports of Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, and Sialkot.

“The operation from Karachi airport has reduced to just 20 percent. This is the primary reason behind the transfer of employees to other airports,” he added.

Tajwar maintained that employees should relax because no one is going to lose their job as long as they carry out their duties with vigor and responsibility.