Samsung to Give Away $40,000 for Making New Accessories and Designs for Their Devices

Samsung is hosting it’s Mobile Design Competition (MDC) in a partnership with Deezen magazine to come up with new accessories and new designs for existing accessories, for their Galaxy line of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

There are 5 categories in which contestants will have to submit their designs which include smartphone/tablet cases or covers, watch bands or wireless earbuds cases.

Winners will get cash prizes from a pool of $40,000 with the first prize winner getting $10,000, the second $5,000 and the third will get $3,000. Fourth and fifth place will have to settle for $1,000 and a free trip to London.

There will also be a category for wallpaper designing. Samsung is looking for interactive, contextually aware wallpapers that display essential information.


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How to Enter

Contestants are required to submit their forms via this link. The last date for submissions is 4th of August 2019.

Winners selected from the 5 categories will be invited to London, where they will have to present their ideas in front of a jury. The jury will select the top three designs which will be hosted at San Jose, California at this year’s Samsung Dev Conference.

A New Perspective

Samsung is doing this to get a fresh perspective over their design language and to incorporate user feedback, that might inspire Samsung’s Galaxy devices in the future.

A similar event was held two years ago by Samsung and Deezen where they held a design competition for their QLED TV stands. This year both the Samsung and Dezeen are collaborating again for another design contest but this time around they have more categories for designers to experiment with.