Civil Aviation Authority Bans Carrying Naswar on Flights

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has imposed a ban on carrying naswar on flights.

The ban will apply to all domestic and international flights.

According to a notification issued by CAA, carrying naswar will be illegal and considered a crime. The ban is also valid for Hajj pilgrims and anyone carrying it can face legal consequences.

CAA and Airport Security Force (ASF) have displayed banners on all airports with warnings against carrying naswar for passenger awareness.

Last year some Pakistani passengers were arrested when Iraqi airport officials found naswar or powdered tobacco snuff in their luggage. The Iraqi customs and narcotics force consider it a drug or something that can be used to prepare drugs.

Naswar is mostly produced in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province but its users are spread all over the country. Most of the Pakistani labor working in the Middle East usually carry naswar with them in their luggage when traveling by air. The ban will prevent anyone from transporting the tobacco snuff and using it as a cover to smuggle other drugs.

Because of its widespread use in Pakistan, it cannot be eliminated immediately however KP government is working on imposing a tax on the production and sale of naswar to discourage its use.