FoodRunner is Giving Free Food If They Can’t Deliver in 45 Minutes

The journey from a restaurant to a customer is a well-worn path. Previously, food delivery required a long and confusing phone call, a long wait, and very limited options in your locale.

But now we have evolved beyond just pizza delivery.

In this on-demand culture, customers have progressed from being hungry to ‘hangry’, cravings range from Big Macs to sushi, and there is a more urgent need for time, for convenience, for value – and the boom of food delivery apps is proof of just that. Whether the reason is to be anti-social or avoid having to pause yet another Game of Thrones marathon, or because (let’s face it) food just tastes better from your couch, the wonders of food delivery can take care of it within just a few taps on the screen.

But is this where the potential ends?

Bassam Yousuf holds up his phone to show how the actual delivery time for his order has exceeded the given estimated time on a familiar pink app – yet again. “It is not enough to just drop off the food to the customer. Not anymore. From the moment one starts scrolling for options to the point the food has been consumed, an entire experience needs to be curated and delivered.”

And this is why FoodRunner came about.

Currently operating in all the major areas of Islamabad, this new food delivery app has more than 75 restaurants in its roster, ranging from fine-dining restaurants to more affordable eateries. It offers a combination of features: a built-in wallet; referral system; promo codes and exclusive discounts. There is also live order tracking, where push notifications are sent to the customer at each stage of the process: initiation, processing, dispatch, arrival and delivery.

But what really makes it stand out is the brand’s promise: if it is not delivered within 45 minutes, it is completely free.

Among the multitude of options that are already available, FoodRunner aims to be distinctive with just one simple philosophy: the customer always comes first. This can be seen at the heart of everything it does – from the particular attention to the delivery instructions to the nimble service, the platform’s customer-centric obsessiveness is transparent. What drives the company is the belief that if they go above and beyond to do exactly what the customer wants, everything else will eventually follow.

“We don’t just deliver your dinner,” Bassam, the CEO of FoodRunner, explains. “We create a memorable customer experience.”

For all the deliciousness with none of the wait, order on FoodRunner by downloading its free mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) or on the website. Use the promo code PROPAK200 to avail a discount of PKR 200 on your first order!

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  • This is dangerous, since they will force riders to ride fast risking both riders & others life on road

    • Forcing an Employee to Deliver in 45 minutes is Not only Dangerous both for the Deliverymen & others increasing risks of road accidents, it is also inhuman & disgusting. Seems there are No laws to regulate such nonsense. I am Not going to buy anything from them & request All people to discourage this stupudity.

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