France Agrees to Return Smuggled Antiques Worth Millions of Dollars to Pakistan

The customs department of France has agreed to return a large number of smuggled antiques to Pakistan.

These valuable objects were stolen from Pakistan and were smuggled to France. There, they were supposed to be sold out to relevant museums. However, the antiques were taken in custody by France’s custom office in failed smuggling bids during 2006-2007.

The French government has agreed to return them as a result of sincere diplomatic efforts from Pakistan.

According to foreign office sources, a ceremony will be held in Pakistan’s Embassy in Paris in which these antiques worth millions of dollars will be handed over.

In a similar case in 2013, a huge cache of artifacts was confiscated during a smuggling bid via sea.

A team of archaeologists declared that more than 1000 of the antiquities dating back thousands of years were genuine and cost millions of dollars.

  • This is the right thing to do. Now England should learn a lesson from France and return Kohinoor Diamond to Pakistan.

    • English people are very arrogant, I don’t think they gonna return the dimond. Best thing to do here is to declare england as terrorist militant nation.

  • After receiving these antiques, govt should auction these items to international market as it will collect lot of foriygn exchange, keeping these items in Pakistan means another chance of steeling as we have bulk of corrupt politicians and govt officers.

  • Perhaps PTI can sell them as they did the PM house Buffalos and Cars and payoff the national debt overnight.After all, the existing museums are already overflowing and the Governors and still occupying the GHs and the President is still occupying the PH and of course the selected PM is still using the PM House – or is it a University now?

  • I hope this is formally reported to the SBP for the recovery of treasure of Pakistan, the FIA, and the FBR to report to the IMF as well about our current status of assets which the country now has inventory with the SBP.

  • Arey bhi agar maal abhi jayega toh liberal fassadi sab kha jaye ge, awaam ko koi faina nai hona wala.

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