PIA Increases Fares for Dubai and London Bound Flights

The cost of air travel has gone up yet again, as the airlines have jacked up their fares drastically.

The increase in airfares comes with an increase in fuel prices and the persistently depreciating rupee. While a wave of inflation has hit the country, people will have to pay more for air travel as well.


Air Fares Expected to Go Down After New Aviation Policy

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has increased the price of its Lahore to Dubai flight by Rs. 15,000. Whereas, the price of Dubai-flights has increased from Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 77,000.

The price of London-bound flights has also increased from Rs. 106,000 to Rs. 134,000.

Via: express

  • peak season, all prices increase this time. Other airlines will also follow suit if not already. PIA still cheaper than BA on LHR-ISB route.
    Best to book in advance like i did for £550, now around £1000

  • Unfortunately PIA is driving itself out of the narket. PIA is going on increasing the fares but there is no emphasis on improving the services. There is such thing as professional approach to meeting the demand of the passangers.
    Nevertheless. This is PIA our national carrier and i wish it the best.
    My family and I always travel PIA despite the shortcomings.

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