Milk Suppliers Are Switching to Pasteurization Units Before the 2022 Deadline

Milk suppliers in Lahore have started switching to the sale of pasteurized milk in compliance of the orders of Pakistan Food Authority (PFA).

The PFA had earlier restricted the sale of loose milk by 2022 to prevent the consumption of contaminated milk. The food regulator had conducted a survey in June to examine the demand for pasteurized milk in different parts of the city.

Now, the milk suppliers are setting up pasteurization units. PFA Director General Captain (retd.) Muhammad Usman maintained that the process of pasteurization restricts the adulteration of milk.


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“The only way to prevent the contamination of milk is through pasteurization. It will also help us identify suppliers involved in the adulteration of milk,” said the DG. He told that the price of milk is expected to increase by Rs. 7 per liter because of the process of pasteurization. However, the transportation cost will not change.

Sarwar, the head of a pasteurization unit, said that the milk goes through extensive screening at laboratories before reaching the plant. He told that they reject milk if it is below the quality standard.

Amid resistance from the milk suppliers, the provincial government is adopting the policy and introducing full transition in the next two years.

  • lol they would never do it years in advance. instead they will wait till the last minute, go on strike demanding an extension which they will be given and then when the time comes the govt. will give up enforcing the ban and things will return to the status quo.

  • you should have touched on the high taxes on packaged milk. if they gave a damn about the people’s health they wouldn’t be levying such high taxes on the healthier product.

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