Thai Airways to Begin Flights From Lahore Airport

Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has announced that Thai Airways will commence flights in Lahore from July 16, operating four flights a week.

The minister made this announcement over Twitter saying, “Thai Airways to start operation from Lahore to Bangkok and beyond with 4 flights a week from 16 July 2019.”

Thai Airways had suspended its operations in Islamabad and Lahore because the airspace was closed off a few months ago when war was brewing between India and Pakistan. Now that the situation is resolved, Thai Airways is back and will start operating flights from Pakistan.


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The cancellation of flights had affected around 5000 passengers. A Thai Airways spokesperson revealed that around 4000 passengers were from European flights while 700 to 800 were from flights to Pakistan.

Overall, the closure of airspace has caused huge losses to both India and Pakistan along with the concerned airlines.

Via: ARY

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