Sewer Water is Being Used to Grow Vegetables in Karachi

Illegal crops over hundreds of acres next to the highly polluted Malir River is yielding toxic vegetables for the residents of Karachi.

The food crops near the river are not only affected by untreated industrial waste but, they’re also obstructing the 36-inch diameter of the main sewerage carrier channel, according to the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB).

KWSB Managing Director, Asadullah Khan has taken notice of the matter, informing District Korangi’s Deputy Commissioner about the problem.

Assorted groups of farmers are carrying out agricultural activities on scattered pieces of land at the bed of the Malir River, which is obstructing the 36-inch diameter of the main sewerage carrier channel.

The illegal cultivation is causing a blockage in the disposal of waste which can affect numerous colonies in the surrounding areas. Asadullah Khan termed the practice as a grave health risk for the residents.

A land-utilization official confirmed the practice of cultivation using sewage water, adding that a raid is expected by the district administration in the coming days.

In the meantime, you should avoid buying vegetables in the surrounding areas.

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  • that’s where the ghareeb farmer will settle if our highest justice courts take bribes from BAHRIA & award them the illegal land which these farmers have been cultivating for decades.

  • river by nature is for collecting rain water but we are using it for sewerage and industrial waste these farmer are cultivating there for decades from these water channels and putting responsibility on them is wrong, we have visited this area in our university field survey and found truck mafia is excavating sand and gravel from river

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