Google Might Finally Go for Dual Rear Cameras on Pixel 4 [Leak]

Google Pixel smartphones have stayed competitive with and have some of the best camera results in the smartphone realm.


They’ve done all this with only a single rear camera on each model, but Google has already confirmed that’s going to change with the 2019 Pixel phone. Google Pixel 4 is going to have at least 2 rear cameras, and thanks to code discovered in the latest Google Camera app, it looks like Google will introduce a telephoto lens on the next Pixel.

A List of Sensors

This code was spotted under “Sabre”, Google’s internal code name for Super Res Zoom. Within this portion of the code, a new field called “SABRE_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO” was discovered which then led to another discovery showing a list of camera sensors the Google Camera app can choose from.

In this list, you can see all of the sensors we already saw on the Pixel 3 — regular front-facing, wide-angle front-facing, and rear-facing — along with two brand new ones, “FRONT_IR” and “REAR_TELEPHOTO.”

Likely Resolution

Upon digging even deeper into the Google Camera 6.3, a bit of text was discovered that may reveal the resolution of the Pixel 4’s telephoto lens.

Telephoto image has dimensions ( ), but should have dimensions 4656×3496, 4656×3492 or 2328×1748.

From these resolutions, we can calculate that the Pixel 4’s camera may have a 16MP camera sensor equipped with a telephoto lens.


There’s a lot of assumptions here though, so make sure to take these with a pinch of salt. We likely won’t know these details about the camera until Google announces the Pixel 4, around October.


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