DRTA to Launch Air-Conditioned Bus Service From Rawalpindi to Islamabad Airport

In a bid to motivate private car users to transition to public transport, an Air Conditioned Express Bus Service is set launch from Rawalpindi to New Islamabad International Airport. the service will be started by the District Regional Transport Authority (DRTA), Rawalpindi.

Khalid Yamin Satti, Secretary, DRTA Rawalpindi has said that they had asked for proposals on the bus service from private transport operators and 25th July is the last date for submission.

Recently, people had advised the concerned authorities to launch a bus service for the airport to benefit the passengers. One such project from Rawalpindi to the new Islamabad International Airport (IIA) was halted last year due to issues between transporters and the administration. DRTA had hoped to launch the service from two locations in the city including Rawat and Koral Chowk.

The service from Rawat to the IIA would pass Kutchehri Chowk, Saddar, Peshawar Road, Choor Chowk, Pirwadhai Mor, Golra Mor, Chungi 26 and Motorway Chowk.

While the one from Koral Chowk to IIA would go via the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, then to Ammar Chowk, Kutchehri Chowk, Saddar, Peshawar Road.

Rs. 30 is the proposed fare for one station stop while monthly cards for Rs. 2500 were proposed by the company for regular passengers. During the first stage, 20 buses will be operational between the new and old airports whilst stopping for passengers at 10 pre-designated locations between Rawat and IIA.

Rs. 200 was set as bus fare between the two airports, Rs. 70 for passengers from Rawat to the old airport and Rs. 270 from Rawat to IIA. According to initial reports, a bus will leave the station every 15 minutes.

Due to lack of time and resources, DRTA hopes to run the service by contracting a private transport company but the plan has pre-determined stations, which did not fit the behaviour patterns of the locals.