Xiaomi Launches a Truck Load of Smart Home Appliances

Xiaomi’s lifestyle product line should be turned into a genre of its own. With devices ranging from rice cookers and washing machines to shopping bag holders and makeup mirrors, Xiaomi has made nearly everything.

These products are usually made by one of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries, one of which is Aqara.

Aqara products are not inter-connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth rather they use Aqara or Mijia gateway that is neither heavy on the pocket nor requires a lot of power and data.

New Aqara Products

Just recently, Aqara launched 10 smart home products all at once. These products include:

  • Aqara Gateway M2
  • Aqara Human Body Sensor T1
  • Aqara Door and Window Sensor T1
  • Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1
  • Aqara Smart Wall Switch T1
  • Aqara Water Immersion Sensor T1
  • Aqara Light Sensor T1
  • Aqara Wireless Switch T1
  • Aqara smart socket T1
  • Aqara wireless switch T1 (wall-mounted)

All these products support the Zigbee 3.0 IoT standard and are compatible with the previous version of Aqara Gateway as well as Aqara Gateway 2.

However, none of the newly launched products are compatible with Mijia Gateway. This shows that Aqara is trying to build an identity of its own separate from Xiaomi by making its products exclusive. All these products will be available for sale by mid-August this year.

LED Makeup Mirror

Another smart home product launched by one of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries is an LED makeup mirror by Shenzhen Yue Life Smart Home Co. Ltd.

Unlike previous LED makeup mirrors by Xiaomi and its subsidiaries, this one comes with touchscreen control and an LED light that manages to be 95% as bright as daylight. Whatever that means.

The mirror has a 6.7-inch silver plated mirror surrounded by LEDs that can be set to a certain level of brightness according to the user’s needs with the touchscreen controls. The LED mirror comes with a 2000 mAh battery and will be sold at a price tag of $21. The availability of this product has not been revealed yet.

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