SUPARCO to Monitor BRT Buses from Space

The provincial government has asked the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) to monitor the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) from space through satellites.

Apart from the overall monitoring of its stations and the project, the movement of BRT buses and status of routes will be monitored from space.

A report has been prepared in coordination with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) that reveals that the national space commission has been asked to utilize satellites for the said purpose.


Report Reveals Billions of Rupees Wasted in Peshawar BRT Project

PDA, ADB, and SUPARCO have established 32 points to this effect. Moreover, the PDA wrote in the report that they have started taking steps to award custody of the shops to their owners in the BRT underpass at Hashtnagri and Firdous.

The PDA spokesperson expressed hope that business activities will resume in the two underpasses over the next few weeks. “We cannot tolerate substandard quality of work on the project as millions of people will be connected through the route,” he said.

  • Not possible by suparco. Why u are catching left ear by right hand. Simply put GPS module coonected with 4G. It send location data to control centre.
    Lahore metro bus ka control roommhe visit karlo. They are doing this.

    • because “Punjab” province has “Shehbaz Sharif”
      others province don’t have “Shehbaz Sharif”

      The difference in progress is due to “Shehbaz Sharif”

    • Slow pace of work in building Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Peshawar and Green Line & Orange Line, Karachi are due to the poor performance of PTI and PPP.

  • Because in Punjab there Noon league Candidate Nawaz Sharif was for 3 times remained as Prime Minister.
    And PTI is 1st time.

  • Luxury lifestyle of SUPARCO director, major general Kaiser, may also be checked and nabbed who spent four crore on renovation of DHA house for himself, runs top class Mercedes and has more than 10 abroad tours in four months at the expense of SUPARCO. And shockingly does nothing!!!

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