There’s No Evidence That Pornographic Material is Being Created in Pakistan: PTA

No evidence has been found to support the claim that pornographic material is being created in Pakistan, claimed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Azam Bajwa in a meeting with Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology on Wednesday. Senator Rubina Khalid headed the session of the committee.

The chairman PTA told in the Senate that Prime Minister Imran Khan was also briefed on the matter.

To a question, he admitted that the authority’s role was only restricted to blocking the unethical content on the web, but emphasized that the organization exchanges data with Interpol about pornography

He informed the Senate that PTA had blocked more than 2300 websites containing child pornography content.

“In total, 800,000 pornographic sites were blocked in the country in the last couple of years while 11 proxy websites were also restricted,” he said.

Bajwa cited a Google report claiming that the use of pornographic websites has declined in Pakistan.

    • no a requirement. there is way to much censorship and javascript injection in pakistan for it to be an option. you have to be using a vpn or proxy.

  • This is sad. A country with 212 million people should have a flourishing prn industry. Human resources are our biggest strength.

  • there is much potential in burqa prn. islamic prn has a huge market in the west now with US troops being exposed to the ways of the middle east.

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  • This report is factually incorrect! What about the videos of Kasur? There arent vigilant people in the the PTA then!

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