Madaris to Get New Curriculum: Minister

After a successful meeting, the federal government and Ittihad-e-Tanzimat-e-Madaris Pakistan (ITMP) have decided to launch a new curriculum for madrassas in the country.

The Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood told the media of the decisions taken during the meeting.

The meeting agreed that the Federal Board of Education (FBE) will conduct madrassa students’ exams of compulsory subjects and issue their results of Matric and Intermediate levels. The successful candidates will receive certificates from the board.

“Now, Madaris will be responsible for conducting exams of religious subjects, while the federal education board will conduct exams of compulsory subjects,” he said.

Shafqat maintained that the certificates will carry equal importance, and madrassa students will be able to take admission in the colleges or universities of their choosing.

“They can also get a job or avail any other option on the basis of the certificates issued from the federation,” he added.

The minister also mentioned a plan to establish a Religious Education Department in the Federal Board of Education.

He revealed that the government and ITMP – a federation of five Waqfs (seminary boards) – had unanimously agreed to improve the standard of education in madrassas. Shafqat said that his ministry will play a key role in assisting madrassas in resolving their issues.

Now, students of Madaris would have more career opportunities. They could join even defense forces, become doctors, engineers or adopt any other profession of their liking.

Shafqat said that the core focus is to streamline the madrassas and provide equal opportunities to the students.

He highlighted that the government is not taking control of the Madaris, but it wanted to assist them in playing their role in society effectively.

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