PTA Clarifies It Is Not Auctioning 5G Licenses, Will Allow 5G Trials For Now

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has clarified that it is not going it issue 5G licenses in November this year.

In a rebuttal of erroneous media reports, the authority issued a clarification explaining that the public notice published in the newspapers was to invite applications for development and testing of the fifth-generation wireless network.

It mentioned that in November this year, the telecommunication authority plans to begin testing the latest wireless technology before it can start issueing licenses.

PTA went on to highlight that as per its previous advertisement issued on July 18th, Research & Development organizations, academic institutions, equipment and/or Device manufacturers and vendors for 5G wireless network trials may submit their applications.

It maintained that the watchdog had uploaded the framework and every other detail on its website, which can be viewed at

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