Govt to Send First Pakistani to Space in 2022: Fawad Chaudhary

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary has vowed to send the first Pakistani to space in 2022.

He made this announcement on his official Twitter handle in the early hours of Thursday.

Taking to Twitter, Fawad took pride to announce the news. He said:

“Fifty people will be shortlisted — the list will then come down to 25, and in 2022 we will send our first person to space, this will be the biggest space event of our history.”

Without spelling out the details of the space program, the minister said this will be the biggest space event of Pakistan’s history.

  • In the end it would have to be Fawad Ch sb himself who would have been blasted into the space to have a good look at the moon :)

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